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Backend frameworks with examples

  • However, good the frontend is, it is useless without the backbone, the backend. Backend development needs a lot of in-depth study of frameworks to make your task easy and work worthwhile. In this I will be talking about the backend frameworks that are best to use.

    The internet cloud is full of unique tools whether you're building a simple restaurant reservations app or a software. The major PHP frameworks like Symfony or Laravel or even JS frameworks like Node.js and meteor may be your armory for building highly functional prototypes, but for high performance, the go to languages have always been Java, C++, Go, etc. since it gives them a performance overhead over the interpreted languages. The core of development that these languages hold is irreplaceable.

    Sometimes we choose a language based on the unique circumstance in what role the server will play in our application. For example we might choose Node JS and Express framework on our server for an asynchronous ad server, or web socket based chat application. Or if it is an API to deliver math calculations back to a mobile application we might choose Python or R. Similarly to work on networking apps and deploy chat messenger type of programs, java is a powerful language.

    A plus point about one language here is JavaScript, well js is the one language that can be used for frontend as well as backend development and the frameworks like Node.js, React.js, React Native, and Angular.js are booming due to the adaptability of JavaScript in backend as well. Given a simple example, Node.js can be used for building an application like that of restaurant review where as per the location of the person nearby public restaurants are put on the google map and then those can be reviewed. So what I think is having a strong backend command is very much essential for a full stack developer. And once you are one of those, let me tell you, it’s all crisp and fresh currency coming your way…

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