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Microsoft Virtual Academy

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy(https://mva.microsoft.com/) is a website created by Microsoft to provide training for developers, IT professionals and Data Scientists. One can create an account for free and all the courses on the website are free. It provides learning paths and badges after completing them which can be shared on social media. It has the following topics:
    Developer Courses:

    • Windows 10
    • Game Development
    • Cloud Development
    • Web Development
    • Database Development
    • C# / XAML
    • Visual Studio
    • Mobile App Development

    IT Professional Courses:

    • Virtualization
    • Enterprise Security
    • Power Shell
    • Desktop and Device Management
    • Azure for IT Professionals
    • Office 365 for IT Professionals
    • DevOps
    • Windows Server

    Data Scientist Courses:

    • Database Administration
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • BigData
    • Azure for Data Science Professionals
    • SharePoint
    • Power BI
    • SQL Server

    For more details on courses refer https://mva.microsoft.com/

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