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Group Discussion

  • How to rock a group discussion?

    There are people who are too good when it comes to their technical skill and they can easily clear a one to one interview, but when it comes to discussing a topic in group, it becomes kind of difficult for them.
    So, there are chances that you may lose a job just because of the group discussion process.

    So, here are some of the tips to score good marks in a group discussion:

    • When the topic is assigned, if you have any doubts on the topic, just ask. Ask the coordinator whatever is not clear to you before the discussion starts.
    • The one who starts or concludes the discussion has the maximum chances of clearing the GD.
    • Be confident and fluent when you are expressing your points. You need to show your command in English language as well as your confidence about the point you are stating.
    • Be clear with your points. If you are in favour of a topic, you need to support the topic throughout the discussion. You cannot switch your views between the discussion, even if you are against the whole crowd. Extra points are always awarded to the person who has a stand in the discussion.
    • Don’t make the GD a debate. Remember it is a discussion and you don’t have to fight if someone has different views than yours.
    • Let others speak. If you see someone is trying to speak but is not able to speak because of others, you should give him/her a chance by actually saying “Let him speak” politely. It gives a good impression on the coordinator.
    • If you don’t have much knowledge of the topic and don’t have your own points, then listen to everyone’s points and form your view from that and speak. You have to speak at least once in the discussion.
    • When you are addressing the other people in the GD, don’t call them by their name. Address them by saying “my colleague” or “my fellow mate” or “previous speaker”. For example, if you want to carry forward the point of your previous speaker, you can start by “As my fellow mate said” or “I agree or disagree to my previous speaker”.
    • Quote examples on the topic or come up with the facts. It makes the coordinator feel that you have a good knowledge about the topic. Also, other than facts and examples, do come up with your own point of view on the topic as well.

    If you keep all the above points in mind and practice group discussions with your friends, I can assure you that there will be 90% chances that you will clear the GD.

    In addition, some of the topics you can practice for group discussion are:
     Demonetisation
     Should Hindi be our official language?
     Should gay marriages be allowed in India?
     Borderless World: A Myth or Reality
     Blue Whale Game: Threat to the society
     Self-Driving Cars: Future in India
     Internet of Things
     Should 75% attendance compulsory in colleges?
     Bit coin: Pros and cons
     Exams should be banned or not.
     Influence of Social Media
     Mobile Phones: A boon or a bane

    For more topics, refer to the links:

  • Before you enter your GD room, make sure you leave all your nervousness outside, for your confidence is the one thing that is gonna pay you the most.

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