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The Job Selection Process

  • The Job Selection Process: Getting a job in an IT company doesn’t only depend upon your technical skills. There are actually a lot more types of screenings you have to face before and after proving your technical skills to the interviewer.
    So here is the whole process of interview described which can help you get into an IT company easily:

    1. Aptitude Test: The first step of almost every IT company is an aptitude test that can be online or written. Aptitude test is conducted to check the overall problem solving ability of the person plus his basics.
    It may include:
    • Arithmetic Aptitude (questions on basic maths)
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Verbal (checking how good the person is in English language)
    You may practice aptitude at: https://www.indiabix.com/

    2. Programming Test: The programming test can also be a part of the first round (Aptitude Test) having multiple choice questions on the basic core subjects of Computer Science or it may be a separate test. The separate test may include coding problems required to code in your known languages (C,C++, Java etc) and pass the maximum test cases of the problem in the limited time given.
    The subjects you may need to study for the multiple choice questions:
    • Operating Systems
    • Database Management System
    • Data Structures
    • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
    • Basic C fundamentals
    • Computer Networking (optional)

    3. Group Discussion: This may be an optional step of the interview process but most of the companies make the applicants go through group discussions before finalizing them for the interview. The group discussions are basically just a group sitting together to discuss a topic given to them.
    This step helps to check your:
    • Confidence
    • English speaking skills (Fluency and clarity in English speaking)
    • Point of view on the given topic.
    • Group Etiquettes
    The topic of discussion can be any current topic like Demonetization or any debatable topic like is compulsory attendance necessary

    4. Interview: The final process of selection is an interview. The interview can be taken face to face or telephonic or on Skype.
    The interview process may have one round or more than one round. Basically there are two rounds:

    • Technical Interview – To check your technical skill set in your subjects and programming and the projects you have done.
    • HR Interview: To check your communication skills, confidence and how well you can fit into the company based on its rules and work culture.

    The technical and HR interview may be combined in one also. 80% of the people who clear the technical interview have a chance that they will clear the HR interview too.
    But no matter how perfect you are in your technical skills,, if the interviewer feels that you will not fit into the culture of the company, you have higher chances of getting rejected.

    So, the interview process is a whole long process checking your personality and mental IQ along with your technical skills. I can assure you that if you start preparing for the interview step by step, you will increase your chances of selection.
    But remember, practice makes a man perfect. You cannot prepare for the process overnight. Just like programming, you will need to practice to master the above skill set. So, start practicing.

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